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A Sherlock Fan Community

221B Baker St.
A Sherlock Fan Community

What is this?

This is 221b_baker_str, a community for fans of the British television series, Sherlock. Sherlock is a contemporary update of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson. It was created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, produced by Hartswood Films for BBC Wales, co-produced with WGBH Boston.

This community is here as a place for fans of this show to gather and do whatever it is that they do to express themselves as fans. When it comes to posting, we are fairly lenient and open. Our intention is to be diverse and provide a place for just about anything that you enjoy doing as a fan.


Every member can post fan art, photos, videos, interviews, episode links, music, fan fiction, icons, manips and anything and everything else related to the show and its actors.

Please post anything of great length or size beneath an lj-cut, and please post anything that might be of an adult nature beneath an lj-cut with a basic warning to alert people that it is NSFW (not safe for work). That's just manners.

Rules and Guidelines

❖All pairings are welcome here. Slash, het, gen, all of it. We like everybody. Listing the pairings is at the writer's discretion, so please be aware of this if you choose to read something without a listed pairing. It does not always mean there isn't one.

❖All posts must pertain to the show Sherlock. Cross-over fiction and RPF (real person fiction) are also allowed. If you have something from any of the many other incarnations of Sherlock Holmes and wish to post it here, that is also fine, though the community focus is the BBC show.

❖Please do not promote your community here without asking first. If you have a community that you would like to affiliate with 221b_baker_str, that’s great, but please contact the owner of the community by PM-ing or emailing lustmordred. If you are already an affiliate of the community, feel free to promote activities such as fic fests and memes without first asking.

❖When posting anything, please do so with a header. This should contain a title, rating, summary, and list of warnings. You know the drill. Pairing and disclaimer are both optional.

❖You can post downloads here to music, fanmixes, and episodes, just please lock all posts containing downloads to the community. It can get you and the community into trouble and we just don't want that, so if you post it, lock it.

❖Warnings are only required to be basic, members are expected to take responsibility for what they choose to view. Warnings should be clear enough that members are aware of what they may be potentially choosing to look at, but they do not have to be explicit. "Non-con, violence, drug abuse, BDSM" and the like are examples of perfectly acceptable warnings.

❖If you link to your own journal in a post, please do not lock that post on your journal to friends only. People on the community will not be able to see it. It is okay for you to lock posts to the community, but we ask that you do not link to friends only posts in your own journal.

❖Betas for fan fiction and art are not required, but you are encouraged to use one.

❖Please be considerate of others. Do not flame authors or artists or cause wank. It does not make for a good time, and that’s really what we’re all here for. If you do cause wank or upset, you will be warned once and then you will be banned. We ask our members to please report abuse and not to engage in on-line fighting.

❖Do not claim someone else's work as your own. There is bound to be an exchange of ideas and concepts within the fandom, that is normal and even encouraged, but please do not take someone else's fan works and say that they are yours. This type of plagiarism of fan works will not be tolerated here and you will be banned if you do it.

❖Right now, tags can be added by anyone who is a member. If we should ever reach the absolute limit for available tags, this will probably change, but for right now, just use common sense. Tagging your entries is optional.

❖If you are banned from 221b_baker_str, you will not be allowed to join it again. We are not your mommies and being banned from this community is not time-out. Banning is permanent.

❖To report abuse, please contact lustmordred by PM or email at lustmordred@yahoo.com.

❖Your mods are lustmordred, archon_mentha, portraitofafool and unsentimentalf.

222B Baker St.

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